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At Ferseek we all work every day to help you feel absolutely secure and flexible when making your holiday plans. We have all lived it – you’ve booked an exciting trip but something unexpected happens, be it break-up with a partner, a family event or you have simply changed your mind on the time or destination.

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holiday destination New York City, USA
picture of ferseek employees


Our mission at Ferseek is to become the go-to platform that connects holidaymakers looking to sell their tickets with those looking for great deals, making your holiday plans worry-free and ultimately saving you money. The best part is Use it only when you Need it!


We are international team of marketing specialists, engineers and entrepreneurs who have one goal in common: to create safe,
secure & user-friendly service.

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Gabriel Hopkinson


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Chris Wilkenloh


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Dušan Petrovič

Business Development & Strategy

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Martin Hlavačka

IT & Web Development


We are proud to have a talented team, who have been studying, developing competencies, and gaining knowledge at the following universities:

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