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Changed your mind? No worries


Have you changed your mind to travel but you have already booked your trip and don’t know what to do now?

No insurance policy?

Many of us do not buy an insurance policy, for different reasons. There are also some events in our lives that cannot even be covered by insurance policies, like a sudden break-up with your partner, a change of your mind or a global pandemic disease outbreak.

Claiming the compensation difficult and painful?

We all have been there, even with a valid insurance policy covering unexpected events before your departure, it is an extremely complicated and lengthy process to claim the compensation, with an uncertain outcome.

Headache planning dream trip

It may seem completely unmanageable to be ready to go on a dream trip, but then have to cancel it due to unfortunate reasons. Furthermore, there can be various complications in the process of getting your money refunded. But what if your journey could become someone else’s? Imagine being able to connect with many other travellers who are searching for their dream trip, where both parties can help each other and achieve the greatest satisfaction. Ferseek is the app that makes it easy and safe to sell and buy travel, if you should be in the unfortunate situation of having a trip you no longer want. Search among countless travels and find the best deals, connect with other travellers, find inspiration and get started with planning. Avoid paying for insurance that is never used, avoid the hassle of emails, phone calls and stressful conversations, and instead upload your trip in our app and wait for your match.

At ferseek, we want to create a platform for all eager travellers, where we can help each other, share our experience and create safety in the event of unforeseeable events. There’s no better feeling than experiencing the world and creating new relationships along the way, but unfortunately the planning can go wrong and it can end in a real headache. So help us to help all of you and hop in and download the app, to become part of something bigger. :)


Sell your unwanted travel with us!

Offer your unwanted trip to fellow travellers and get help covering your otherwise foregone travel costs.

You also contribute to reducing the environmental costs of travel, by filling out your otherwise empty seat on the airplane and unused hotel room.

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List and find the best deals out there

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